Sunday, January 15, 2012

A long time comin'...

With new routines, bouts of sickness, and some recent projects (to be unveiled at a later date), blogging has been...well, as Addy's Poppy might say, sucking hind titty.  I've started to write the blog about our Christmas about ten times, and I've finally accepted the fact that my words can't do it justice.  The photos can tell the story, but I can't describe how lucky and happy I felt over the holiday with my family.  I can't describe the extra sparkle in Addy's eyes.  So, without further ado, the story, in photos...

Christmas Eve with GiGi and Poppy for gift openin', boppin' to Christmas tunes, and sprinklin' reindeer food in the front yard.

After they left, we baked Santa some fresh cookies (in case you weren't aware, he likes his chocolate chip cookies to be warm and ooey-gooey).

We must have done well...
Christmas morning was exactly as I had envisioned.  Thinking about it almost a month later just makes me feel...content.

We visited my dad family for lunch and more gifts (these kiddos got more than their fair share).

Jason's family came to our house for soup, games, and more gifts.  Mimi and Clint came up the awesome idea of drawing names and preparing a handmade gift for the person you drew.  It was hilarious and touching and perfect (I wasn't used to my new lens and a lot of my photos from that night didn't turn out...bummer).

The week after Christmas, my extended family came over for more gifts and games.  Once again I did terrible with the picture-taking, but I did get one of the awesome dress-up outfit that Miss Thang got from Aunt Debbie.  Seriously.  Look at her shoes.

Can we do it all over again??

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