Sunday, October 30, 2011

We're ready!

Yep!  Two posts in one day!  I had to show of the finished products of our pumpkin patch adventure.

Costumes and pumpkins are ready…bring it on Halloween! J

Fun For All Ages

OK, so yes, I’m just now posting about what we did last weekend…
Last Saturday was Lauren’s bachelorette party.  It was the first time I’ve left Cohen overnight, so it was a little rough.  There were some tears, but it was worth it.  Besides, our kiddos need to know the fun that is an overnight adventure at “Gigi and Poppy’s” or “Mimi and Cwint’s.”  And they deserve parents who, once every couple of months, take time to have adult fun with each other and with their friends.  In order to be better parents and to have a better relationship, we have to take time for ourselves…to be adults…who frankly, act like kids.
Future Mr. and Mrs. Gustafson

She’s going to be a seriously stunning bride…cannot. wait.

 Officially getting a spray tan for the wedding…

As Jason says, “That man can Dougie.”

The best nights always involve my hubby’s spot on Michael Jackson impression…

On Sunday we headed for the annual trip to the pumpkin patch, Pride of the Wapsi.  Only two years in, and I’m already in love with our traditions.

It was a face paintin’, pony ridin’, balloon jumpin’, perfect pumpkin pickin’ heckuva good time…

Brother was chill as usual while sister hunted for a pumpkin that she could lift “all by herself.”  We smiled to each other as she did the exact same thing she did at the exact same patch last year – she picked a tiny pumpkin, just forming on the vine.  No worries, after many lift tests, she left with a perfect pumpkin!

 last year

and again this year

We’re taking a deep breath, getting ready to plunge into a CRAZY BUSY week and weekend!  Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!  Love.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

one third of a year...

This guy is 4 months old today!  (For the record - I’d sleep there too if I could)
In the last month, he has rolled over (from stomach to back and from back to sides).  He’s gotten really great at holding his head steady.  He sleeps about 7 or 8 hours without eating each night.  He squeals and grunts and coos like crazy.  He has perfected the art of reaching out to grab something (and not let go).  His favorite things to grab are of course his blankie (which used to be his dad’s), toys and rings, and most importantly, hair!  We thought it was going to be DISASTER when he grabbed on to Miss Addy’s hair for the first time and wouldn’t let go.  We couldn't have been anymore wrong!  Sister loved that he was physically interacting with her.  They were both squealing in delight, and Addy still asks, “Can brother grab my hair?”  He loves to pose and check himself out in the mirror every night before bathtime.  He’s constantly sucking on his chubby little fist.  He drools like a champ (farts like one too)! 
We couldn’t be any more blessed...between Lil’ Homie and this girl…
it couldn’t get any better! 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Just a quick post to share a couple of pictures and a super fun project.
I can’t remember whether or not I’ve already mentioned our latest home improvement project.  In case I haven’t, we’re working on turning a spare bedroom into a playroom for these cuties…

There's a sneak peek of the incredibly involved paint project in the background.
After realizing our painting project is going to cost us a lot more time than we had originally planned, I decided I needed some instant gratification in the form of a DIY project to hang in the art area of their playroom…

Now hopefully we can finish up the room in the next month so that I'll have before and after photos to share. 

OH!  And another quick update...this mama got herself a new set of wheels!  Check out my new Jeep Compass!!! (yes...this is a lame picture from the website because my camera battery said taking my own picture was not happenin')  Giddy!

Here's to hopin' everyone else had a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the nasty four letter word...

So if the best way for Addy to get used to taking turns is practice, maybe that’s the best way for me to let Cohen sleep in his own room…in this C-R-I-B. 
Sure it looks all sweet and innocent (not to mention stylish – I LOVE this blanket…thanks, Angela).  But don’t let it fool you.  This crib is out to get me.  It is much too big for my baby boy and devastating far away from my bedside. 
A few weeks ago, I put him down in his crib.  He went to sleep like an angel, but two hours later, when it was time for us to go to bed, I couldn’t stand not being able to peek in the bassinet at him.  I crept into his room, scooped him up and tiptoed back to our room.  Jason laughed and shook his head, “Why do you look like you’re stealing something?”  Probably because I was- his independence…I’m not ready for him to be anything but a baby yet!  He won’t fit in the bassinet forever, so I’m just going to keep taking it slow…a couple of hours at a time.  Someday he’ll be like Addy, directing me from her bed, “Give me a kiss, Mommy.  OK, bye.”  And then, “Shut the door, Mommy” (when I’m lingering and letting the hall light in for just a little too long).  I’m just not ready for that quite yet.  I’ll stick to the excuse that I haven’t made him a proper mobile yet.  Yeah, that’s it.  That’s why he can’t spend an entire night in his crib.  He needs something to look at...through his eyelids...Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a baby to steal from a room down the hall.  Nitey-Nite.

Monday, October 10, 2011


FYI…I wrote the entry below on Saturday, but our wireless router stopped working.  We replaced it Sunday, and we’re up and running now…
Last Saturday Miss Addy started gymnastics class.  Gymnastics class was one of those things I had been anticipating as a mommy…her first structured extra-curricular activity with other little people!  Her class only has 3 kids in it- a super cute little blonde boy who will be 2 years old in 3 months, a girl who will be 3 years old in 3 months (she  has also taken 12 weeks of the class already), and of course, Sister.  Did it go exactly as I had envisioned?  Hell no.  Was it still an amazing mommy moment?  Hell yes. 
This morning was her second class.  I held off last week on posting anything about it because I didn’t have enough photos, and I honestly wasn’t sure what I wanted to say.  Here’s what I’m realizing when it comes to our spirited little two year old…if she’s going to do something, she’s going to do it ALL THE WAY.  If she’s going to walk on the balance beam or swing from a bar, she’s going to rock it.  Like squeal with giggles and explode with energy, rock it.  If she’s going get upset because it’s not her turn, she’s going to throw a tantrum.  Like tears streaming, arms flailing, tantrum.  In her defense (and ours), she is two years old and you can pretty much count the number of hours she has spent playing with kids her age on one hand.  It was frustrating and embarrassing and laughable and one of those times we’ll never forget…just looking at each other, thinking, “This cannot be our Addy.”  While sending her to the grandmas’ houses instead of a daycare center has made her incredibly smart and confident, she is not used to the idea of sharing the spotlight, much less, taking turns.  I didn’t want to ruin the experience for the other little gymnasts, and I didn’t want to remove Addy from the fun learning experience.  So while we were there, we tried to talk over her tantrum about the magic of taking turns and we cheered on the other kids. 
I left the gym upset that it didn’t go as planned, worried about Addy, and stressed about the other kids.  I instantly thought about a good friend who told me, at least you care.  You’re doing something right if you care.  I know there are parents who would lose it on their child in that situation or not bring them back to the gym or just not care at all and let them ruin the fun for everyone.  We care and we’re trying.  After her nap last Saturday, we went over to my grandparents’ house and picked up a balance beam that my grandpa made for me 15 years ago.  We brought it home, and let’s just say, Addy has seen a lot of Jason and me on the balance beam this week.  We figure the best way to grasp the concept of taking turns is practice.  So that’s precisely what we’re doing.  We’re clapping for dad as he dismounts the beam and waiting as patiently as a two year old can for “Addy’s turn!” Like I said, we care and we’re trying.  And ya know what?  The proof is in the puddin’ because today was about 100 times better than it was last week.  It was exactly like what I had pictured.  I left the gym almost crying because I was so proud of our smart, sweet little girl who catches on…quick.  Not only did she take turns, high five the other kids and impress her coach with her ability to flip over the bar, but she did it in true Addy style…squealing with giggles and exploding with energy.  People were looking at her again this morning, but for a completely different reason than last week.  It was one of those moments where I felt honored to have been chosen to be her mommy.  I’m proud that we’re flexing our parenting muscles and doing what we can to turn her into a pretty freaking awesome little person.
Here are some pics from both weeks...
She looooves the ballpit! 

She's pretty awesome at bars... 

and even better at balance beam (when she's not checking out the cutie)!  :) 




and more somersaults! 

Girlfriend is lovin it!

Brother was all about watching for the first half and then he decided it was nap time!