Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Brother.

At this exact time a year ago, I was in labor.  The wheels were in motion.  The air was electric.  I was minutes from this moment.  Bliss.
Tonight, I'm making a herculean effort to keep my emotions in check (at least in this post, because even though he's *gulp* one now, he's still my baby).  Believe me, you want me to play it cool here because I'm one Pampers commercial away from a emotional breakdown.  Last night, you may or may not have found me crying my eyes out, singing "Happy Birthday" to Cohen at 2 am when I may or may not have brought him in my bed to sleep (what?!  he woke up on his own, I swear!). 

We threw him a birthday party on Sunday...here it is in photos...
the guest of honor

tickly neck kisses. (and please dont' feel obligated to tell me how dorky I am for wearing a red bow in my hair for the occasion, my husband took care of that already)
mini sock monkeys and banana pen favors (No one can take themselves too seriously when they're writing with a banana pen.  I'm passing these out at work for reals.)
I pretty much had to have a massive red balloon.
Let's pretend Jason and I didn't steal these letters off of Cohen's wall, mmkay? mmkay.
Banana cupcakes filled with chocolate ganache and topped with peanutbutter buttercream frosting
 much less mess than expected...a true gentleman
He even shared with my Papaw, who shares the same birthday as him. 
 Maybe he's just more of a cereal kind of dude
 Yes, I went craft crazy and made his onesie.
 sibling love :)
 Brother's girl, Miss Brenleigh Drew came to the partay.  I love her scrunchy face.
 her gift.  seriously. so cute.
 Can you tell they're both learning how to give kisses?  This one will definitely come out again in the high school years.
 adorable sock monkey backpack
John Deere of course! 
 His first guitar
And honestly, who doesn't love a giant red balloon?!

Tonight, Addy and I softly sang Cohen "Happy Birthday" as he was falling asleep.  He couldn't decide who to watch and he did the thing I love...when he grins so hard his pacifier just drops right out of his mouth.  That, my friends, is true happiness.

Happy First Birthday, Cohen.  We love you.

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