Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Potty Talk

This weekend was all about…drum roll please…
big girl underwears!  Yes, I use the plural even when I’m discussing a single pair.  I’m not actually sure how that started.  When I started thinking about this blog, I told myself that I would stay away from graphic descriptions of the bodily functions of my littles.  I’m sure even those of you with kids wouldn’t appreciate words that conjure images of poo.  So, I’m going to flirt with the line a little bit, because this momma is proud!  Miss Thang spent her entire weekend (not including bedtime), in big girl underwears…and she kept them dry!  After a couple of weeks of consistent number one’s in exchange for a “pieca candy,” we decided to up the ante, if you will, for a number two.  I don’t know how many times I said, if you do that in the potty you get a **gasp** “prize!”  When I met my mom at our normal drop-off location on Friday, she told me Addy hadn’t had any accidents and had received two prizes, I was in shock.  I honestly thought it was a fluke…that her GiGi just had her on the potty at the right time.  She made it through the rest of Friday nite and Saturday morning (even her nap) dry.  Saturday afternoon she quickly said “got poops in dere!”  I took her to the potty expecting the usual adorable face, the little sound, and the “juss farted.” (Jason started that…obviously).  I was wrong!  She went!  And this momma had no “prizes” but my girl was ready for her prize!  So, I did it….I gave her the flashlight I talked about last week that had been waiting for her in her Easter basket.  We spent the rest of the afternoon looking for bugs, examining each others’ ears, and projecting pictures on the wall.  She loves it…

Much to my surprise, she got another prize on Saturday (aka some Abby Cadabby socks that were also in the Easter basket).  Before you get visions of my heart broken girl with an empty Easter basket on Sunday, know that I refilled the basket and picked out a number of new “prizes.”  (Thank you, Target, for your “dollar spot”)  Sunday was another dry day.  I’m not naïve.  I know there will be accidents…times she gets too excited playing…times we don’t make it home in time, but after this weekend, I’m left even more astonished by my girl.  I should have known it would only take one poo on the potty before she’d understand that was the place to do her business.  She is…amazing.  And seriously, the little underwears tushie may even be cuter than the diaper tushie. 
OK, so there’s the potty talk post that I’m sure holds very little excitement for anyone but Jason and I.  I promise not to go there again…at least for a while.  J

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