Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A season of the year occurring between winter and summer.  The vernal equinox.  A time of rebirth.  When I was a young, Spring meant my birthday, being able to play outside, and begging my mama to let me wear shorts to school (even if it was only 55 degrees).  With age and experience, Spring has become something different for me now, something much more magical.    

It’s officially Spring in my world, and here’s why…
Our neighborhood is filled with, as Addy would say, “flower trees.”
Her boots have gone from this…
 to this.
 The tulips have bloomed and made their way into our dining room.
We’re using sidewalk chalk.
I can keep the window open at night to watch the curtains blow and to wake up to the chill and perfect smell of spring.
We’re playing in the rain.  (Seriously, this picture melts my heart.)
I’m finding “flowers” drying up all over the house.
We’re stopping to smell the real flowers...
and having adventures in green grass.
And of course…Easter!  Dying eggs. Easter baskets. Egg hunts.

 Here’s to hoping everyone else is having a magical spring!  :)

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