Sunday, March 18, 2012

**Happy St. Patty's Day**

I had to pop in to share our little St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  On Saturday, the kids and I headed to downtown Rock Island to watch the parade with Auntie Lauren, Stevy, and Brenleigh.    
Cohen clapped and squealed.  You could tell brother was digging the energy.  Or maybe he was just showing off for his guuuurl, Miss Brenleigh.  Look at this cutie…
And seriously, they shared a moment or two on the blanket.  I saw sparks. ;)

Addy was Addy…asking a random girl for one of her animal crackers and then helping herself to the bag…brushing up against a tree and asking a little boy to kiss her arm to make it feel better (I’m relieved to know his parents won’t judge…thanks Nando J)...collecting a pile of "poppycones"...shaking her booty to the music on the passing floats…

And I know I’ve said it before, but I feel nothing but lucky to have a few amazing friends who love my littles.  Auntie Lauren shared Addy’s excitement over Santa’s appearance at the parade.  She held on to the back of Addy’s shirt in the protective way that usually only a mama does.  Aaaand she didn’t even flinch when Addy repeatedly wiped her hot little hands on her clothes…and let me tell you, those hands were covered in sap from pinecones, sucker saliva, melty pink tootsie roll and good old fashioned dirt.

Sidebar:  I love that you can read their genuine excitement by the particular smile on their face.  Cohen’s give away is his little tongue barely sticking out of one side of his grin. 
Addy’s is the squinting, teeth-gritting, cross-bite smile.
These faces always make for one happy mama.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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