Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcome to the family...

Last Friday, the 16th of March, my mother in-law and her fiance (more commonly known in this house as Mimi and Clint Cwint), made it official.  We couldn't have asked for a better husband for Doris, grandpa for our kids, step-dad for us, and friend for the whole family.  He's a great dad to his three beautiful daughters.  He has no obligation to be "there for us", but he has been...and keeping us laughing all the time.  We're so happy to have you, Cwint and happy for you, Mimi. 

Are they not the cutest couple ever?  I mean isn't this picture what it's all about - having someone to share and enjoy all of the little moments with? 


And on another note, we added one other member to our clan recently.  After much debate, Addy passed up the rats and bunnies and decided she'd like to have a fish (cue the collective sigh of relief from all the mothers out there). 

She proudly picked out the rock, plant and most importantly the little goldfish she wanted to take home.  She named her Coral (from finding Nemo).  Although we wanted Coral to have a spot on Addy's dresser, I kept picturing her "taking Coral out to play" or trying to move her and ending up with a flapping fish and a lot of rock on her bedroom floor.  I guess I didn't give her enough credit, because it only took a quick discussion about Coral needing water to live to keep her from even moving her bowl.  Here she is...Addy's grossly overfed golfish (seriously, see all those floaties?  fishfood.)  Sometimes, out of nowhere, Addy will say, "I just love my new pet, Coral.  She's the best fish."  This fish has been every bit worth the 15 bucks we spent on her.  I love the excitment in Addy's eyes and you can tell she enjoys the little bit of responsibility attached with feeding Coral. 

And what would make a successful trip to the petstore complete without a fishie shaped grilled cheese sandwich?  :)  

Happy Sunday! 

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