Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend Buzz

I'm just now coming down from a pastel-colored, chocolate-induced high from Easter weekend with my family.  Here it is, in probably far too many photos because I can't seem to pick and choose.

the start...egg dyeing (two tones, glitter, sequins, and only 2 seriously cracked eggs)

Easter baskets with Dr. Seuss books, pinwheels, sidewalk chalk, puzzles, nailpolish, pool toys, a velcro toolbelt, and of course, some candy

chipped lilac nails and madonna-style lace gloves (modified by dad as the fingers were far too long...I'm sure anyone who has met her would agree - these are much more "Addy")


bustin' a move, in the front yard, no music required

our best attempts at the forced posey picture (gotta love how they mirror each other - looking away from each other and then the scrunchy nose)

Seriously.  Heart.  Bursting.

egg hunts with cousins and the Easter bunny's surprise at Mimi and Clint's house...a "bouncey fing!"

can't get enough of the "oooo" concentration face with the stand (and now step!)

brother initiating his own game of peek-a-boo

the coolest dudes on the planet.

There it Happy Easter!  I'm a lucky lady! :)

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