Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Pics :-)

In case anyone's curious, here some of my other favorites from our recent shoot with Shauna Welch.  The first collage I posted had a lot of my favorites in it already, but of course there are more.  These photos are melting my heart did my babies get so big!? 

These are my favorite "outtakes"...starting of course with the serious model, blue steel faces...

 Haha!  I love Shauna for trying, but this is a perfect example of why posed pictures just don't work for us.  Cohen is trying to slip from my grip, Addy's struggling to make the hand-on the-hip pose look natural, and I won't even start with what the heck Jason and I are doing...
 Continuing to struggle with the hand-on-the-hip...

 Checking out her split ends maybe??
 There was a lot of this...and honestly people, can you blame him for running?

Ask Shauna (OK - actually please don't...she knows far too much J), it was a hot mess but worth every minute.  Nitey Nite!

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