Sunday, September 23, 2012

Geeking Out

Last weekend, my lil’ family and I joined 12,000 people to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of John Deere Harvester Works (and also the 175th for the company).  The factory tour, speeches from leadership, machines on display, and THIS VIDEO (I seriously squealed when I found Deere shared this video on youtube) left me spilling over with pride to work for Deere.  Addy officially thinks I go to work to play in corn mazes and bouncy houses, while I inhale watermelon slices and cotton candy and plan my next airbrushed tat.  The point is, sister totally understands why I’m excited about my job. J

Last week, I was lucky enough to head to Saskatchewan, Canada for Deere.  I got to run our biggest machine (the S690) to harvest canola, watched some functional testing, talked with dealers, met some amazing customers, and learned more about our product than I ever have.  It makes me all mad-crazy-excited about my job.  Bleeding green over here.  Honored.  Like totally geeking out to be a part of this company. 

Here’s a windrow of canola…
And the precious grain we’re after…
I found a random youtube video HERE of a S690 running a belt pick-up in canola (thanks “plowboy73”) in case anyone is curious.  I did this! 
I didn’t take a photo of Elmer (the farmer I rode with to harvest wheat who was on his 50th harvest), but I truly wish I had.  It was an honor to meet him.  Pretty wheat field, eh? (you know I had to throw in some Canada-speak)...
And this was something that struck me…
I’m used to seeing the machines all shiny, straight from the factory or on a display floor.  It’s not often I see this.  And this is why we’re there, because we’re “committed to those linked to the land.”
And then I got to go home to a boy who has learned to say “yeah, yeah” before he’s learned to say “no, no”, a girl who wants to rub my back while she falls alseep, and a husband who chases me around the house until I almost pee my pants.  Confession:  I’ve been creepily watching each of them sleep (yes, this includes Jason) because they aren’t going to look like this even tomorrow. 
We headed to Stone’s apple orchard (where I forgot the card for my camera…boo!) to stock up on some autumn must-haves:  cider, apples, a basket perfect for a certain someone’s costume, and firewood.  The first day of fall had me saying, “Bring on the pumpkin patch!”

And yes, you heard that right, I’ve started the costumes (remember how much we love COSTUME-MAKING?).  Based on this pile of scraps, any guesses? J 
Happy Autumn!

**As always, these are my own opinions and views and may not represent or reflect the opinions or views of John Deere.**

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