Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I’ve never had my cards read.  I pay little attention to sidewalk cracks (as evidenced by the amount of scars on my knees).  I’ve literally broken every hand mirror I’ve ever owned, and I’m not unnerved by it.  But, I read my horoscope each week.  It started because an amazing friend introduced me to Rob Brezsny (check out if you’re curious).  His writing is witty and full of the-universe-is-smiling-on-you sort of sentiments.  So I look to his horoscopes for entertainment, motivation, and sometimes to take pause to notice what’s going on around me.  Here’s an example, “Grace emerges in the ebb and flow, not just the flow. The waning reveals a different blessing than the waxing.”  That’s the kind of tidbit we can all see some value in, right?  So back to my point, I don’t typically allow my horoscopes to change my behavior (I know, it’s rather non-Pisces of me to not believe in all things mystical, but I digress).  Last week was different.  I read my horoscope and thought instantly that my ol’ pal Rob couldn’t have been more right…He said, “You need more magic in your life, Pisces. You're suffering from a lack of sublimely irrational adventures and eccentrically miraculous epiphanies and inexplicably delightful interventions. At the same time, I think it's important that the magic you attract into your life is not pure fluff. It needs some grit. It's got to have a kick that keeps you honest. That's why I suggest that you consider getting the process started by baking some unicorn poop cookies...” 

So we did it.  We made the unicorn poo cookies. 

Addy’s unicorn appears to be doing well on fiber…
And that was just the start.  We had munchkins from Dunkin Donuts.  Ask Coey, they’re full of magic.

Addy had gymnastics and a special guest came 2,000 miles to witness how excited she is to do stretches and jump on trampolines and do her first, unassisted I might add, back pullover on the bar.  2,000 miles, now that’s magic…OK, Molly might have come home for a wedding…but it still felt like magic.

The kids played in my mama’s garden, where you don’t need shoes, you can sit on top of picnic tables, the landscaping rock beds hold surprise sea shells, and you can get as messy as you want.  Any kid would tell you a visit to their grandparents’ typically feels like magic.

We took Addy to the circus for the first time, where, after her squeals and exclamations of "beauuuutiful" and "amaaazing" she was magically transformed into this lil’ tiger cub…
The Labor Day parade delivered a sense of community for me and a boat load of candy for the kiddos.  Again, say it with me now, Magic.  I mean, hello?!  The weinermobile! 

Maybe we should call it magic that I found the time to upload some photos and write a darn blog.  Anyway, here’s my challenge.  Make some magic of your own kind this weekend.  We’re only 2 workdays away, and I promise it’ll be worth the effort. :)

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