Tuesday, November 6, 2012


That subject line?  That's October, in a tiny lil' nutshell.  A tiny lil' acorn shell, to be more specific.  You can see it, right?  Humor me.  I'm a little loopy as I'm still dehydrated and exhausted from a bout with a stomach bug...and election night is going make for another late one around these parts.  Anyway, that's what this post is going to be, our family's month of October, in a nutshell. 

It's become more clear that Addy loves her accessories...
almost as much as she loves a trip to the park... 
but not nearly as much as she loves making a new little friend.
We had a blast eating Whitey's in the back of dad's truck, watching...
wait for it...
Cloud hoppers! (or as Addy called them, hot hair balloons)

We had our first fires in the fireplace and settled into quieter routines...starting the steady build to Christmas.

I spent some time learning how to use my mama's old sewing machine (more on that later), but I'm addicted.  I considered sewing myself a cape, people.
Addy has been loving the fall colors and obviously the leaves.  This beauty is the hard work of a leaf hunt in our neighborhood and also some abrupt stops along the side of the road on our way to gymnastics.  Picture a chinese firedrill, but I'm the only person hopping out of the car and running around like a fool scooping up leaves.  Addy's hanging out in the backseat, out of the view of passersby, giggling and gripping a bag of leaves.  Yeah, I'm that mom.
 Cohen has taken the title of King Cuddler. 
We hit some milestones...Aunt Kristen gave Addy her first haircut!  She still talks about it (we're keeping a close eye on the scissors in our house).

And Cohen got his big boy bed.  Addy was so excited to help put it together.
I love these smiley IKEA drawings.

And while Addy and Jason were hard at work, Cohen was unimpressed, reading a good book in the room next door. 
He was all about inspecting their work and seeing it all made up with his new bedding though. 

We of course made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch!
Addy spent a long time scouring the patch for a perfect pumpkin.

If she couldn't pick it up, it it wasn't a contender.
After she put down a pumpkin and circled back to the exact same one 5 minutes later, Cohen decided he was pretty much over it.
 The prize pumpkin?  Yeah, Jason had to fashion a stand for it to keep it from tipping over on our front stoop.  That's what we call "character."
 The sweet face of a proud pumpkin picker...
Halloween would have been the cherry on top of an amazing month if poor Cohen wouldn't have picked up that stomach bug I mentioned earlier.  Addy still had herself a blast and brother was a trooper.  She was so excited about her red riding hood costume (and my sewing actually held up!).  When we first set out in our neighborhood, she excitedly yelled after groups of kids, "Wait up guys!  I have to go trick-or-treating!"  Her honest compliments about other kids' costumes had me grinning from ear to ear.
While he might not have been a big, bad wolf, he was definitely a cute and slightly pathetic one.  He had the hoodie on for less than 10 minutes before he tossed his cookies all over it.  :(

My sweet everythings...

Bring it, November.  We're coming off of a good month.  Love!

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