Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quick one...

In what I'm sure will prove to be a futile attempt to stay more current with blogs, I'm popping in tonight - barely awake - to share Addy's highlight of last weekend...a trip to the dinosaur exhibt.  My favorite lens broke, so I don't have a lot of photos.  In fact, I literally have none of them with their cousin Ethan, who joined the fun.  :(

I'm pretty sure underneath the "Dinosaurs" on this sign, the small print said something like "or a Paralyzing Fear of Animatronics."
Case in point.
Addy was fearless though...hugging dino legs, examining teeth up close, and taking a "ride" on a triceratops.  Only our daughter would yell, "Gitmeup, Triceratops!"  Personally, I prefer Gitmeup over Giddyup any day of the week. 


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  1. I still love getting on here and catching up with your life! You have such a beautiful family!! Hope all is well :)-Whitney