Thursday, May 19, 2011


"Baby Brudder's Room" is officially ready for him!  And while we're unveiling things, we're going to go ahead and let the cat out of the bag that it's now officially "Cohen's Room."  :)

Before we know it, there's going to be a tiny little body in this crib, his favorite books on the bookshelf, and one completely blissed out mama in this chair, reading stories to her two little beans.

I've already stocked his dresser with all of his teeny-tiny clothes (seriously, Addy was once that small??).

Yes, the changing table is already stocked with some diapers (but not much else).

Here are some of the other details...

including some simple canvas paintings I did to complement his rockin' Woodstock one...

and a frog piggy bank picked out by Addy...and of course, an empty picture frame, ready for our first photo as a family of four.  I promise to just keep this post about the room...will not get mushy, will not cry. 

I have one seriously patient husband...he spent hours moving furniture around this room.  I totally owe him.  On to the next nesting project!

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