Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another DIY

So you may recall my concern over Cohen having nothing to look at while in his crib sleeping.  This situation has officially been remedied.  A few weeks ago I started sewing and stuffing scrap fabric to make little birds for a mobile I had in mind.  Once I had finished the birds.  I cut a few willow branches and painted them, all the while thinking how smoothly this was coming together.  What was left to do but attach the birds to the branches and hang the branches with fishing line?  I didn't realize how difficult it would be to perfectly balance these birds...I believe the picture below is from the second night we worked on hanging these and gave up...
After some patience and hard work from much more mechanically inclined husband, the stuffed birds have finally left their pile on our kitchen counter (where they could taunt me daily).  They're watching over our sweet sleeping baby, who I'm proud to report, spends the better part of every night in his crib.

Mid-spin...Cohen's eye view :)


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