Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fadder's Day

Saturday I went on an impromptu wedding planning adventure with my freshman year college roommate, Lauren.  She picked out tuxes and super cute wedding invitations, while I waddled around the store, cursing the couple sharing the leather couch I coveted.
Jason and Addy stayed home to play.  While sister was running to the cabinet to get a new book out for Daa-Daa to read, she slipped and fell, hitting her head on the edge of the cabinet.  Jason said she was pretty inconsolable, that the cut hardly bled, but that a bump and bruise appeared immediately.  When I called to check in on them, she was lying on the couch with a blanket, a band-aid above her eye, an ice pack, and her pacifier (which she usually only gets at bedtime).  She was watching the birds on the birdfeeder, recovering from the accident. 
When I got home, Jason said something that I could completely identify with.  Obviously we don’t want to see her hurting…ever, but sometimes it’s  nice to feel like she still needs us...like we have the answer…we hold the key to making her feel better.  I mean, who doesn’t remember a time they hurt themselves in front of their friends, but couldn’t stop thinking, “I want my mommy.”  When you spend days on end watching your baby become more and more independent (which is completely amazing and wonderful), sometimes it feels really good to be able to be the one who rescues her. 
Remember the kids' bathroom remodel I mentioned about a month ago?  It’s done!

I’m pretty sure that I married a perfect combination of Brad Pitt and Bob Villa.  And I couldn’t have picked anyone better to share the adventure of being a parent with.  Addy and I are definitely lucky to have him to celebrate on Father’s Day…and celebrate we did!  She woke him up with a shrill call from downstairs “Happy Fadder’s Day, Daa-Daa!”  We spent the afternoon with his family, swimming in Mimi and Clint’s new pool and playing in the sprinkler. 

She swam until her little lips were blue and then she ran in the sprinkler until her feet were covered in fresh cut grass.  It was a good day.  We came home in time to eat dinner and let Addy christen the new bathtub.
Check back later…I have my 38 week doctor appointment this afternoon, so hopefully I’ll have some kind of news to share! 


  1. The bathroom is beautiful!! Great job!!!

  2. Gorgeous. I love your decor. Seriously!