Saturday, June 25, 2011

Reflections on Pregnancy...

Pregnancy is incredible really.  OK, so sometimes it means rude comments or hours hunched over a toilet, but it also means experiencing the miracle of sharing my body with a tiny little person that will change me for life.  Maybe I’m more grateful this time because I know how entirely Addy has consumed me and can’t wait for Cohen to do the same.  Maybe I’ve been less nervous about every pulling feeling or dizzy spell because I know that for the most part, those things are normal.  Maybe I’m more reflective because I know this will be my last baby.  For one or all of those reasons, I’ve been more contemplative this time about the beauty that is pregnancy.  It’s incredible that our bodies have an ability to create life.  In these last weeks, even though I’m becoming more and more uncomfortable physically, I am still enjoying it.  I’ll miss the way he moves and stretches.  I’m realizing that something I wanted to go by so quickly, I’m now not 100% ready to be over.  It’s magical to wake up every morning and think “this could turn out to be one of the happiest days of our lives”…any day now, we will know him and our lives will be even better than they are now. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Love.

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