Thursday, August 11, 2011

Four Years

Jason snores.  He likes the TV volume to be deafeningly loud.  He cracks jokes when I’m stressed out and trying to vent to him (do you know how hard it is to be mad when you can’t keep a straight face?!).  Sometimes we fight, and we both love to win (which, you may be surprised to hear, doesn’t exactly work).  We are opposites in lots of ways but similar in the ways that really matter.
Most people probably don’t remember what they were doing four years ago today.  I do.  I woke up in a dark hotel room to the sounds of an air conditioner humming and a group of ladies’ slow, sleeping breaths.  It was before 5 am on the day of our wedding.  I laid awake, waiting for my bridesmaids and our mothers to stir.  I giggled and squirmed, anxious for what the day would hold. 

That afternoon, we stood in front of our friends and family in this chapel, not knowing what our future held…just knowing that we wanted to share it.  These four years have been the happiest years of my life.  And I’m looking forward to many more.  I love him.  I love the way he loves Addy and Cohen.  I love the way he loves life.     
We walked away from that chapel not knowing how truly blessed we would be. 
In case you missed it, I love you, honey.  Happy Anniversary to us.   

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  1. Yay Happy Anniversary!! I'd love to see more pics of the wedding, you look amazing!!