Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Ultimate Reward

Thank you, Hy-Vee, for your kiddie cart.  This cute little contraption has become one of our go-to rewards.  I tell you what, a trip to Hy-Vee might as well be a vacation to Disneyland.  We turn the corner and she proclaims with a gasp, “Wook!  I see duh Hy-Vee!”  The kiddie cart is the cherry on top.  Big girls use kiddie carts, as long as big girls listen or help clean up their toys or really whatever it is we’re trying to get her to be better at.  Look out Hy-Vee shoppers, when Addy’s had a good day, she’s on the loose.  She bounces around the store, grinning at everyone, proclaiming, “I have a kiddie cart”, she loads it up as we instruct and loves to empty it on the conveyor belt.  She watches proudly on her toes as the cashier scans our items and waits for them to hand her the receipt.  She happily puts the cart back for another big kid to use it.  It’s magical.  The other day as we were leaving the store, the sweetest woman saw her dancing and bouncing with her cart as we were on our way out.  “That one is going to have lots of confidence” she said to me.  I smiled back and said, “We sure hope so.  That’s exactly what we’re going for.”  J

-Other highlights from our past weekend-
Cohen had his first date with Miss Brenleigh (she is exactly one month younger than him).  It turned out to be much more exciting for us than for these party animals…
(Thanks Stevy and Auntie Lauren for bringing this lil’ cutie over!)
I let Addy choose two colors of nail polish at the store.   She chose pink for herself and “bwoo for dad.”  The clerk and I had a good laugh as she repeated that Addy was going to have pink toenails and dad would have blue.  He played along.  Did I mention that he’s a good sport?

We had our first family pictures including Cohen taken by Ann Steward too.  I’ll be sure to post them in a few weeks when she’s done…can’t wait.  He wasn’t the happiest baby for them, but he is still melting my heart with these smiles.  Seriously, I have about 50 of these pictures.  Same face, just a different outfit.  I’m in love.

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