Wednesday, August 17, 2011

fun times...

On Saturday we went to a pool party thrown by our friends, Brad and Joni.  We got to meet their new addition, Kenzie.  It was my first time being able to really swim with Addy this summer (I was hugely pregnant and then it was too close after Cohen’s birth).  I think Jason was relieved to sit this one out.

 Poppy and GiGi got in the pool with Miss Thing too...she had a blast and has informed me that we’re going to “Kywa’s house” a couple of times since then (Kywa = Kyler, Brad and Joni’s fricken adorable son…who happened to just start kindergarten…I could cry just thinking about kindergarten).  Joni, if you’re reading this, Kyler is one cool kid, you guys have done an awesome job.  I hope you don’t mind me sharing a picture…I hope Cohen is a smart, adventurous little guy like him someday.
Addy loved the diving board (no worries, Poppy was catching her).
Homie of course sported his suit, even though he didn’t get in the pool.

We continued to enjoy the awesome weather with a trip to the zoo on Sunday.  It was brother’s first time (outside of the womb)!  He even got to ride on the train!
Addy fed the giraffes for the first time on this trip.  She was the only child I witnessed taking a huge bite out of the two Romaine lettuce leaves they provide you.  I was so distracted frantically pointing it out to Jason and laughing at her that I didn’t get the best pictures. 

I decided to opt out of the screened-in garden where you feed preeeety birds to stay with brother and the stroller.  Good choice.  It was attack of the freaken Lorikeets in there.  Seriously.
Addy got to ride on her old friend Snowflake again (and she remembered his name lol).

She fed the huge nasty fish like the ones in the pond in front of the Deere and Company corporate office.  I remember feeding them as a kid, sure that if I fell in, they’d suck me up into their huge mouths in one slurpy gulp.  Sister isn’t scared.

She made sure to tell us that “they need to rinse off” this llama.
There were of course elephants and carousel rides…

I found a shady spot to sit on the cool grass to nurse Cohen, while Addy ran circles around us, pretending to be a zebra.  It was just a nice day.  I love holding this chubby little hand…
And of course, you have to have an Elvis lip when you’re sporting a t-shirt with a guitar on it.
I hope everyone else had a great weekend with at least one of those moments that makes you stop to draw in a deep, thankful breath.  Love.

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