Thursday, August 18, 2011


There’s something magical about going to the park first thing in the morning (I’m talking like 6:30 am).  It’s cool outside.  The slides have just the right amount of dew on them to make them the perfect speed (as opposed to the hot and sticky slide on bare legs, ya know, when you have to go down it like an inch worm, making fart sounds all the way).  But the dew isn’t enough to soak our clothes.  We have all of the equipment to ourselves…there’s no “we have to wait for our turn on the swing, honey” (although I of course understand the value in that).  I can leave CoCo in his carseat at the bottom of each piece of playground equipment, without any fear of some psycho snatching him up.  This means that I actually get to play with her, not just watch from the sidelines.  And best of all, we’ve started off our day with gusto.  We’ve created an energy that will carry us through the rest of our day (even though my knees feel like I’m 80 years old from crawling through blue plastic tunnels, with a giggling little gal).  J

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